Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is to make the home a happy, safe and comfortable environment for all the residents, whilst retaining their independence and individualities at all times by encouraging them to lead as good a quality life/lifestyle as is possible.

Our Promise

To ensure that we reach these goals, and that standards and focus are maintained, regular meetings will be attended by senior members of staff, and information will be relayed to other members of staff by conducting regular in-house training sessions.

The Gables will provide:

A well-maintained, safe and suitable environment

Adequate facilities for personal space

A facility to be alone when requested

A facility to safeguard resident’s possessions

A facility to entertain visitors

Access to sanitary facilities with privacy

Staff trained to knock on the door before entering

Senior staff who set an example and act as good role models

Staff who demonstrate sensitivity when handling, bathing, toileting and dealing with incontinence

Staff who have been trained in dealing with issues in a sensitive manner, e.g. feelings, needs and wishes

Staff who demonstrate sensitivity to various cultural, ethnical and religious beliefs and customs

Attention to cleanliness and appearance of residents clothing and accommodation

Staff who do things with the residents, rather than for the residents

Staff who respect views, behaviours and idiosyncrasies

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